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Common Queries

Do you offer gift cards?

Absolutely! The Poochomatic is a wonderful gift for a dog owner. Please fill in the Contact Us form on the home page with your requirements and we will be in touch with you to organise a Poochomatic Gift Card.

My dog hates baths, won't he be terrified of this?

While most dogs hate baths, the Poochomatic allows them to walk in and walk out, reducing their anxiety and fear of baths. We recommend slowly easing your pooches into the Poochomatic and allowing them to get used to it. Use plenty of treats to to lure and reward. Very soon, your pooch will happily walk in and wait to be washed! Most of our Poochomatic-users say that within 1 week, their pooches are confident and happily walking in and out of the Poochomatic.

Do you offer more dog products?

While our focus is keeping your dogs clean and making bath time a much more pleasant process for you, we are excited to soon also be the home for a range of more fantastic products for your pooches!

What is your return policy?

In the rare occasion that you are unhappy with the Poochomatic, we will accept returns within 15 days of the shipment being delivered. But we highly recommend contacting us with any issues you might be facing so that we can guide you through setting up and managing the Poochomatic.

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